Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Season

I often come across this blog and wonder if I should give it up. Who am I kidding? Who really reads this? But dear reader, obviously, you. Probably have stumbled upon it and think what poor person writes to no one. Me. I write to no one. No one but myself. So, therefore, I shall keep it.

Yes, it has been a couple of months since last posting. If you will observe via the widget list of finished items for 2011, I have been busy.

The boxes are all gone. The pictures are hung. The yarn room organized and many skeins put away. Though within the next couple of months, I have decided to seriously contemplate what to do with much of my yarn. Since it is organized into specific bins, I will go through them and assign a project to it. Notate within Ravelry the project and date. If within 6 months of not beginning said project, then it needs to be de-stashed. Find the yarn a new home. Prioritize!

I have finished quite a bit since the last post. I will share photos here. No, maybe not. I really do like new technology. Except when it no longer works. Somehow with some update, flickr and iPhoto no longer want to cooperate. Instead, I will link the newest items so you can click and see. Winter's Caplet. Another Ruffles Done for Robin. Izzie's Sweater. Lily's Hemlock.

There are two more projects that are completed and gifted but are awaiting said technology to begin cooperating again. Hopefully, they will play nice soon.

Until then, keep knitting and may you finish all your UFO's before they are needed.

Hoi! Hoi!

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