Friday, March 30, 2012

March Madness

Have you ever felt like you were on a merry-go-round? Never able to focus on any one thing, but able to see so much fly by you that it all became a blur without ever really being on the contraption? That is what this month has felt like. I really am starting to think the whole 'March Madness' has more truth to it than I care to believe.
The month has flown by and, really, what have I to show for it? Two items were completed. Two. That's right. You read correctly. Yet, where did the month go to? I taught every single week knitting lessons and even threw in a spinning one. I haven't the confidence to really do it justice but she was patient. I don't think my dutch neighbor is going to go off and purchase a wheel anytime soon though because I was about as clear as mud in describing the techniques and positions for your hands.

All that to say, this past week was quite lovely. It was a bit short notice, but I had a fantastic time! I spent the week in Vienna. Yep. The political seat of power and music in the 18th and 19th century. Boy, do they have some 'castles'. The 'hunting lodge' I still get a snort over that statement as there is NOTHING as big as it in the states. And it was just their summer residence. HA! If only.

But, I did start two new projects while on the trip. One is just a toy that has been on the list for quite some time, but just needed some down time between big projects. The plane ride was perfect for it. Now it just needs assembly and it will be ready for giving and picture taking. Next post for certain. The second project is just getting started. I have high hopes to knock it out over Easter holiday. Lots of driving and sitting planned.

I did finish two projects this past month.

The first was the first quarter challenge for The Loopy Ewe. The idea was to knit a project with silk in it. Can I just say, YUM?!? It turned out lovely, if I do say so myself. I have actually had quite the few compliments on it. The pattern very straight forward and simple. I did manage to screw it up a couple of times, but really, I blame that on NCIS. Three new episodes to download. I kept loosing my place. The pattern is 'The Noble Cowl." What I really liked about it was that she gave the stitch repeat count right off the bat, so I could enlarge it without frustration. So I did. Casted on 165 instead of what she did as I looked a bit larger than she. Plus, I wanted to use up every last gram of the yarn. Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

The second project was an Owlie Hat. At first, I was hesitant to make it, but managed to knock it out in one night. I can totally recommend this pattern if you are under the gun for a truly last minute gift need. Other than time needed for drying once it was blocked, I had it done with only two new episodes of Merlin. Really. And since I was lost because I never watched season 2, I probably could have done it in one if I didn't need to pay attention more to the television.

So, unfortunately, that is all I have to offer in way of knitting porn this month. Lots still on the books to do, but lessons are picking up as is volunteering. By getting out more, I am out more. But by being out more, I pick up more people who want to learn to knit. By picking up more people that want to learn to knit, I inevitably, end up getting out more. Really, I should just learn to keep my needles at home and then I would actually get more knitting done. Sheez.

And on that note, most of the sheep in my area have had babies. OY!! Are they STINKIN' cute!!! I love running by them in the mornings. They start to run with me along the fence and then I get to giggling that I can't keep running. hee hee hee.

Happy Knitting.