Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A New Time & A New Place

Everything is new again. Not only is it a new season for those in the US, it is also a new season for us as a family. You probably have wondered where I have been- literally and figuratively, it's because we moved again. Yes again. Only this time, we literally got out of dodge. I would like to joke to say that we were so frustrated with the state of affairs and the politics that we up and left, but in reality, we are still in the military and Dude took an assignment with NATO. So, we left the country. We have re-located to The Netherlands. Though my friends in my Sunday School class have said we moved to Neverland. I kinda like that much better. I really enjoy the movie Peter Pan and often think how nice it would be to never grow up. (Really meaning I am sick to death of always being the one in charge and carrying most of the responsibilities in running this household. This move showed the worst in me.) So, here I am in 'Neverland' and going to take full advantage of it.

I am already planning a trip back stateside to meet up with a friend to go to Hawaii in August and Australia in October and Florida in January. Silly, huh? But Dude will be at a job that allows for me to do more traveling and the kids will be in the same school on the same time so I don't have to worry about leaving them alone for extended periods.

I have gotten some knitting done. I did promise more photos but in the craziness have lost the camera. Not just the cord, but the whole device. I will just have to tell you about them.

The first is a gauntlet called "Handcharmers". I only have one done as I am trying to finish a KAL with The Loopy Ewe. For that, I am working on Whippoorwill. It is a shawl using two colors. I am done with the first section and hope to have the second section done this week. I am still working on Dude's sweater. I am immensely bored with it. Though it is at the point that I can divide for armholes, I am bored. (Really- I am quite frustrated with the intended owner and don't want to make him anything that I don't think he will appreciate. He already takes me for granted too much, why should I go out of my way to make him something? But, I am not ready to admit that to him yet. So I tell him I am bored with it.)

I also have some toys next up in the que to start and two more birthday presents. The birthdays are both in August so I am procrastinating on starting them. I should probably at least cast them on sooner than later so I am not putting myself under pressure. Yeah, I should. But I won't.

Back to the shawl that is for me. We are currently homeless. (I love saying that and watching people's expressions when they realize what I just said.) I have looked at 2.5 houses yesterday. Yes, we did arrive yesterday. We kept moving and slept wonderfully last night thank you very much! I say .5 because one person didn't show up to show us the inside so we looked through windows and around the outside. It only wetted my curiosity to see the inside only more. Two more tomorrow. Average person takes about 10 days to find a house. But we already knew I wasn't average.

Happy knitting.