Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday Crunch

I am going to begin today's writing with a piece of advice. In the midst of the preparations leading up to Holidays is not an ideal time to have a surgery done on your wrist when the bulk of the Holiday gifts are intended to be handmade by yourself. It is just not a good time. Unless you really don't want to make something for the person. Then it just becomes a great excuse.

I really did want to make something for the someones and now I don't think it is going to happen. BOOGER!

Let's recap what we have done. 
1. Cable knitted hat- orange
2. Cable knitted hat– off white
3. Ribbed Vest- purple/blueish
4. Hemlock Blanket- brown
5. Two socks- german flag colourway

Let's recap what we have on the needles.
1. Encore Hemlock- tan
2. Clogs- blue and green
3. Hemlock Blanket- brown (yes, I know this is a repeat but I was doing a second one same colour.)
4. One sock- german flag colourway
5. Market bag- pink/brown/greens

Let's recap what we are suppose to be doing as well.
1. 3 more socks- german flag colourway 
2. mittens- blue
3. Cable knitted hat- grey
4. Gauntlets- green
5. shawl- multi
6. Market bag- pink/brown/greens (again a second one so there is no gnashing of teeth that one has it and the other does not.)
7. 5 skeins of sock yarn hand dyed for knitterly friends.
8. fingerless gloves- red
9. Something beautiful for me to wear to Dude's office party. YIKES! I am so hosed!
10. This is not even counting the kids' teachers that I had every intention of knitting up something small for....
11. Or my fellow employees that I work with.....

Now since I no longer can knit at hours on end nor do I have the time to sit and knit for hours on end, what am I going to do?

I think I will go and start a new project. Maybe I will go and see what everyone else on Ravelry is knitting and vicariously live through them.

Happy Knitting. 

p.s. I will post pictures and talk about the Stitches Trip next time. I haven't finished uploading everything yet.