Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 2012- Indefatigability

Happy New Year! What a year 2011 turned out to be. I cannot tell an untruth, I am glad it is behind me. Yet, how exciting to begin anew with a fresh start. So much hope and plans for 2012. Not so much resolutions, but maybe indefatigability. (It's a really cool word- indefatigability. Look it up!) Anyway- back to the point- my Ravelry que has officially reached 300. My stash of yarn is well beyond that. My fiber has filled one too many containers. There is not enough time in the day, week, or year to even make a dent in it.

And that is okay.

That is part of the understanding and accepting of indefatigability. That I am here and that is not going to change without some cosmic interference. Since I know that I am here by divine appointment, accepting this assignment, this placement, is what needs to occur. Then indefatigability occurs.

So, I begin this new year with the post that will show off my last finished object of 2011. The Ice Queen.

This pattern had been in my que since it was first published. I instantly fell in love with it. I promptly purchased the yarn. Found the beads by accident while exploring a new store. Printed the pattern. Put the pattern with the beads with the yarn in a ziplock so as not to soil the yarn in storing it. Then promptly forgot about it. Until Christmas. My in-laws were visiting and I knew they would want to travel with us. So I went in search of a 'mindless' project to knit in the car. As I was pilfering my stash I came across the ready made kit and felt like an idiot. Here is was waiting so patiently for me while I was tearing across the world in search of something. How could I not knit it now? There were no more excuses.

And that has what brought me to my moment of self-discovery.
Indefatigability. There is SO much I want to do. Finish my degree. Complete the Master's Program. Publish a pattern on Ravelry. Visit 10 new (to me) countries. Speak fluent Dutch. (Remember my Spanish and German.) Run a half marathon. Attend SOAR.

How can I do it all? By being indefatigable.

Will I accomplish all of this? Probably not. But this time next year, all I can hope is that it will be said of me that I was indeed indefatigability.

Until the next time, happy knitting.