Monday, February 23, 2009

Falling behind already

So the camera is officially broke. All I get when I snap the shutter is a pink screen of death and then no photo can be seen. It has to be the lens or some other digital contraption inside the shutter. BUGGAR!!! Until I can obtain a new one (and I am holding out for a really good one) or I can find my wonderful old Advantix and some film, I am completely hosed. 

I have lots of new and wonderful beautiful yarn that I wanted to show off, but alas, it will have to wait. The only good thing is the pile is in the middle of the room and so no one, and I do mean, NO ONE, gets to walk in that room in fear of touching my lovelies. My precious. Mine. All mine. Oops, sorry, got a bit carried away there.  ::wiping the drool from the side of my mouth::

The girls and I went and saw the new movie 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. Can I just say the most humbling scene is when she finally retrieves the frozen credit card out of its block of ice? When the movie was over my youngest beauty looks at me and says, "Mom, she looked just like you do when you get a new yarn in the mail." For some it is the store, for others it is our yarn.

I am almost done with my socks for the month of February. I have made a goal to knit a pair of socks for myself a month. I completed January's with the last of the German socks. This month was a set of the Be Mine socks from Melissa Morgan-Oakes book 2 at a Time. I have wanted to do them for me for over two years. And with belonging to four sock clubs, I better get busy. I have more sock yarn than I think I care to admit. I am hoping that between now and when I leave for sock camp I will have a more clear understanding of how many pairs I really do have. 

I know that I am already behind with my goal to posting twice a month for this year. Since starting the HSKS again, I have been blogging on the 'secret identity' one. Couple more months and then I can truly be done with it. I have enjoyed most of it. But I really do enjoy posting here. Lots more fun. 

Okay, off to bed with me. O' dark thirty comes really early around here. 

Happy Knitting.