Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I SCORED BIG TIME & just a bit about the wedding

The wedding went fabulously. The weather the day before and morning of were quite temperamental. Lots of showers, clouds, and wind. But when the actual ceremony occurred, even though it was inside, it was BEAUTIFUL. The whole thing was just beautiful. Second best one I have seen yet. The first being my own. Here were the star attractions though. I do believe they stole the show. 
The little angles on the outside are my two. The two in the middle were the other set of nieces. They were also very cute, but I am particularly partial to mine. 

Though with that wonderful occasion, we of course had lots of travel. The flights were really good. No delays, no complications, no misplaced baggage, and the best part was... lots of knitting time. So, I made good use of it and completed three cupcakes of the four that I thought I should do. 

Here is a photo of the finished items. 

The only snag I had was I forgot to pack the larger set of needles I would need to do the top of the cupcakes. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my iphone.) Within five minutes of landing in TC, I had triangulated our location and found a LYS. 

Even better, we were literally right next to it when I found it on the phone. I called to check to see if they had a size 9 needle (at this point 'beggars are NOT choosers' and I would take whatever DPNs or circs they had in stock) and how late would they be open. No chance to dump the family and come back as I had 25 minutes before they were closing their door. No chance to come back before we left due to Sunday being closed and early flight out on Monday morning. (I am so thankful to have a hubby that tolerates my obsession.) When I walked in and inquired of the said needles that I had just called for, they pointed me to the wall where I would locate the various needles. I quickly perused their stock and located some fabulous Addi Turbos. Grabbed them and headed for the counter, when what should my wandering eye fall upon?  

Taped to the top of a bookcase but the word every spouse fears. 

SALE 50% OFF. (oy- I'm hosed.)

There went all good intentions. You know the ones of not pressing my luck with three kids waiting patiently out in the rental car who have been traveling since 6 a.m. Not infringing on the good graces of said spouse who just groaned loudly when I said we were in luck they were still open. Nope, right out the window. 

I think I heard the good intentions smash through that front window as it escaped me fast and furiously. For there beheld my attention was a pile, and not just the throw-all-the-onesies-an-twosies-in-a-pile-that-fits-in-a-good-basket kind, no, he couldn't have been that fortunate.
 There was a large white garbage bag full of one color. THIS was SWEATER size yarn on sale 50% OFF. And it wasn't the crappy yarn, the kind that an owner in a rash because the warehouse may not have something so just order to get the shelf full kind of rash decision, but REALLY FANTASTIC YARN. (Might I mention that just two weeks before I purchased some of this same said yarn from another LYS and paid the premium because it felt so fantastic? I will only mention it here, because said hubby never reads this blog.) 

I had to do my part to stimulate the economy. Wasn't that what we were given that check for? I had to support this store who went out of their way to make it possible for me to finish the cupcakes. I couldn't seperate the skeins from their family.

 No- I would not do that to them. They clearly NEEDED to stay together. How could I be the one responsible for that lonely one skein that might have been left behind, no one to love just him. I needed to be the responsible knitter that I am and take the whole lot. 

And take the whole lot I did. All fifteen skeins of them. I am now the proud owner of 15 Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK skeins. YEAH ME!! 

Though, just an aside. I did purchase the needles first and then went out to the car to at least forewarn him of what was about to happen. The problem, well- maybe not a problem, is dear hubby 
can't tell me no. SO who am I kidding? I married a total enabler. I really do love him. Sometimes. no, really, most of the time. 

Since I have finished the cupcakes, I have turned my attention back to the Acero Shawl. I purchased this yarn at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival with a HSKS 5 friend. She purchased one as well. Again, massive enabler. She already has her's finished. Though I might add she does not have three young people living with her that need to be chauffeured at all times, nor has she moved in say, the last eon. So that said, I think she has a bit more free time. 
I am only half way. 
Here is the progress picture. 

I think I like her's better. It has more red to it. Mine is darker even though they are the same dye lots. 'Funny. You never can tell with them sort of bees.'

Only two more weeks til we move again. Then, hopefully, we will be in one spot for at least a year.

 Until next time, happy knitting.