Monday, April 7, 2008

:Inhale. Exhale.:

It seems that I haven't been here much when in fact, I have started and stopped this particular post too many times to keep track. So I will just publish and it will be what it will be. 

I really do need to keep this a bit more up to date as we, the kids and I, will be leaving our current home on Saturday to be followed by hubby in two weeks, for our new location. I really do love my life- most of the time. But this is not one of them. 

See, I LOVE my life now. I have a FANTASTIC set of friends. Not just a single set, but a multiple set, depending on what mood I am in. I have a set for knitting. I have a set for scrapbooking. I have a set that overlaps their children with mine. I have a set that deals with hubby's job. And then the handful that I would consider those friends that are either sitting next to me in the jail cell or they are the ones that we are calling to come and get us. 

I am never at a loss. Until now. 

We are moving. Again. :Inhale. Exhale.: I don't want to move. I built my house. I LOVE my house. IT is the house that my children KNOW as their home. I was told we wouldn't have to move again. And yet. We are moving. Again. :Inhale. Exhale.: 

I know that the energy that I expel is felt by everything. That it is either absorbed or repelled by the things that are around me. I am almost positive that is why my house hasn't sold when it has been on the market since last August. I don't want to move. My house doesn't want me to move. But, I love my hubby and my place is with him. Yet, we are moving. Again. :Inhale. Exhale.: 

I know this is suppose to be about my knitting adventures. I love my knitting and it is incredibly therapeutic. But I haven't been able to knit to save my life in the last two weeks. I usually can do a sock from cuff to toe in two weeks. No problem. Yet, in the last 8 weeks, one sock. Not a pair, but one. Uno. Solo. Ein. 1. Has been done. (Granted I did do two cupcakes, but that was a measly 5 hour drive from Beckley, Virginia to home. 2 knitter friends birthdays that I wanted to honor.) No knitting done at all on the way out to Hampton. Very little on the way back. None since we have been home. 

Though I won't be able to call it home much longer. We are moving. Again. :Inhale. Exhale.: 

I will post a photo of the sock soon. I did finish the lacey shawl. I thought I would keep it and use it as a back-up for the wedding, but instead, gave it to hubby's FABULOUS secretary. She LOVES it. Plus, it is her color dead on. I think she even wore it to work the next day. I will post of photo of that as well. 

I best finish. Packing and sorting to get done. We are moving. Again. :Inhale. Exhale.: