Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I often wonder how people who post daily on blogs have time to actually do all the stuff they say they have done. Are they making it up? Are they saying all the things that they want to get done but yet because they sit and write about it, they never have time to actually do any of it?

I manage to get about an hour a day of just sitting and vegetating. Allowing my mind to wander where it may. Contemplating the hard things: like world peace, ending hunger, how to get an oil stain out of a cotton shirt, you know- the really hard stuff. And then the problem lies if I sit too long in one attitude, it makes it even harder to change. So I tend to leave the vegetating to the last bit of the day just so I haven't squandered the whole day. Granted my day usually starts before light. (That was ALOT before light a couple of weeks ago, since we sit so far North now, but in a couple more weeks, I have the feeling the sun will be beating even me up). But I tend to go hard all day. If it is not scheduled, it is hard for me to work it in to get accomplished. Some say that is a bad thing, but for an adult who recognizes her own faults, it is a wonderful coping mechanism to my ADD. (Though at my house, we don't call it that. We call it ADOLAS- Attention Deficit Oh Look A Squirrel. There are quite the number in my family that suffer from this shiny, sparkly, that looks like more fun attitude. So keeping to a schedule/timer allows me to be semi-productive.) 

All that to say, I still have not accomplished a lot of knitting in the month since I have last spoken to you. But, again, I have been very busy. Or at least attempting to look busy. 

The kids had a wonderful two full weeks of Easter Holiday. That never ceases to amaze me with living here. With how much time everyone takes off. I can understand it for those of us who are not permanently living here. Hey, we are here. Let's travel. But those that actually call this place home still take off an incredible large amount of holidays. Yet, still manage to get all of their work done. One can truly see a complete different culture on how they view work. Here- they work so they can live. It is not the end all to be all. They take pride (for the most part) in their job but they see it for what it is. A job. Too many in the states, live so they can work. What their job is is who they are. The job defines them. Their job defines them. So when they loose it or have to change, they have a massive identity crisis. It becomes a vicious cycle. How do we stop it? I don't know. In my evening vegetating state, I can't get past the oil stain on the cotton shirt so I haven't given it much thought. Maybe next month. 

But I will leave you with a couple of photos that should make you smile. It almost looks like we moved to Ireland instead of Never- Neverland we have seen so many rainbows. I don't care. They are a wonderful reminder that I am not alone. No matter where I am. 

Oh, and I did finally finish one project. Here he is: A Little Fat Blob.

Happy Knitting.