Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Christmas Holiday

Good Day good reader,

An update to what has been occurring. We are still here in Never-neverland. Some days are good. Some days are great. We are all healthy and here together so I cannot complain too much. Another Christmas holiday is upon us. I did no gift knitting this year for giving. Not that I didn't do plenty of knitting for others during the year. Oh- quite contrair! But most of the time, I promptly gifted said item to its new owner. This next year, I say, I am taking to heart that I am only knitting for myself. I will have finished out the year gifting two pairs of socks. Knitted in secret so they can be gifted as a surprise. We shall see.

I do have photos of some more finished items. Here are the Handcharmers.
They are knit with Storm Moon Knits 30 days of Night sock yarn. Only half of the skein was used. So now I am thinking of something else to knit up with this.

I finally finished up Dude's sweater vest that was started back in January as a knit-a-long with the spinning group. He is quite pleased with it, but a bit afraid to wear it. He chose the yarn and it is super wash, but he is afraid of snagging it or spilling something on it. He was warned last week that if he doesn't start wearing it, he wasn't going to get any more hand knits.

I also finished a baby sweater for a new friend. She is having her first daughter (due any day now) and does not have any parents to help spoil the baby. I just had to knit this up. Plus, somebunnyslove had knit two, or maybe three, and said they were a really quick knit. She was right. The only mods that I did was knit it in the round instead of in pieces. I hate seaming if I don't have to.

And last but not least are the socks that are just finished. Well- they have been finished for awhile, but I am just now posting about it. Really, I have had the sock pattern in the que for four years. I have also had the yarn for that many of years. I don't know why it took so long to get it done. It was really quite an easy and fast knit as well. I should have knocked these out ages ago. Instead it was just a couple of weeks ago. Here you go:

And now just because I can, I leave you with a couple of pictures from our latest adventures. Since moving here to Europe, I have tried to do as much traveling as possible. So we have two long weeks of holidays already and took advantage of it. The first three are when we went to Southern Germany and Austria. The last is my favorite from the latest trip, Cooking lessons in Italy. Yep, you read that right. I had cooking lessons in Italy. Really Cool! (Even better was meeting a couple of Aussies on holiday. I miss Australia.) Enjoy!

Until we meet again, happy knitting!

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