Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Almost ready

Well, here it is the end of August and are we ready for school to start back? ABSOLUTELY!! I am a bit overwhelmed with emotion though. My baby heads off to kindergarten and I have a mixed bag of feelings because of it. So much so that my knitting is being greatly effected by this internal discourse. I try to sit and knit and instead end up daydreaming. Not good when the pattern calls for no daydreaming. 

I did finish the Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood. Here it is being blocked. I hate to block but this is one that really benefits from that so the pattern can really stand out. 

It is a fantastic pattern. Enough change to keep you focused by enough repeats that it can be mindless when you need it. Perfect for trying to work through those conflicting thoughts. 

I have started and restarted and restarted and restarted the cabled felted wine cozy for the store. I have not liked how the cabling was coming out so that meant pulling it all the way out and trying a different set of cables. I am looking for something that gives visual interest but at the same time doesn't overwhelm the new cable beginner. Something that looks difficult but in reality isn't. I think I have settled on one and we will see once it is felted if it really is as good as what I think it should look like in my mind. Clear as mud? 

The girls have both lost teeth in the last week. The older one had to have 4 extracted that just wouldn't come out. The younger lost her first two yesterday. So much has changed that I really don't think the grandparents will be able to recognize them. Here are a couple of before and after of each. 
Here they are still with long hair. They cut it off to donate to Locks of Love. It has taken them 20 months to grow it long enough for donation. One had 11.5 inches, the other had 10.5 inches.  

And finally 
here is still where you can find us when we are not at home. This is a much closer beach. And it was too perfect to look out from my beach chair where I was knitting on the Hemlock, see the girls playing and a three master go cruising by. Really cool. 

I am off to start a pair of socks. It has been TOO LONG since I have had even a pair on the needles. I am behaving as though I am not even a real knitter. I have throughly enjoyed the sock club from Three Irish Girls, can I just say BEAUTIFUL?!? Even Hubby said, "WOW! Are you going to dye yarn like this? I really like how these colors blend." Huh? When has he been listening? So, off to cast-on.

(This last photo is from the THREE IRISH GIRLS web site. I CANNOT take credit for the fabulous photography. It is completely Sharon's.)