Monday, March 14, 2011

A list of (Good) Excuses

So here I am slacking yet again on posting. I really don't mean to let so much time get by, but I have been busy. As we all have. I know there is no excuse, but humor me while I list mine so you can really see that I am doing stuff.

First- I am working like a mad dog in trying to get the second of the commissioned shawls done. I was in a bit of a panic mode as I scoured Ravelry in trying to locate an additional skein to complete the pattern per written. But no such luck. (A bit of a side note- WHY do they put 'dye lot' numbers on skeins of yarn that are suppose to be 'ALL NATURAL'? Something ain't right!) But, we did find the number to the store where the original skeins were purchased and one has been secured. I would feel MUCH better if said store would PLEASE call me back to take my money so I can get the yarn! Otherwise, I am officially half way done with said second shawl and the first is completely completed. Even blocked.

Second- when I am not working on said second shawl, I am working on Dude a vest. It is the never ending vest. He @*^#-well better wear it or you will find me on the 6 o'clock news for hanging him from it. (Which seems a bit difficult with him being already 6 inches taller than myself, but by GOD he will hang.)

Third- the pressure is on! To finish a floor. To RE-glaze a, no TWO, bathtubs. Paint the ceiling. Re-hinge the kitchen cupboards. To relocate an entire mole/vole population. Grow grass. Remove the dead tree right in the middle of the front lawn. (Great curb appel, don't cha think?) And repaint younger Dude's room. DECLUTTER the craft room. (It really does look like Martha Stewart's craft closet threw up in here.) And last but not least, knock a pair size 11 wide socks out before a March 29th birthday. All the while, still being everything to everybody and substitute to all the others. Just re-reading this is making me tired.

Fourth- I will lay this out here for all of you to now hold me accountable. I no longer want to be a couch potato. As much fun as it was, I REALLY like the happy hormones much better. And so I have taken up the NASTY habit of running. I actually have a purpose for this. No, I am not being chased. No, the LYS does not have cashmere on clearance. No, no one is threatening the kids. I like chocolate milk. When I run, I get to have it. Not before. Only after. And only 1. (8 oz. bottle that is.) No guilt. Plus, I get to eat most of the chips I want. Now I can eat ALOT of chips, which is why I said 'most' instead of all. But chips and guacamole. YUM!!! And I can now eat the whole bowl and not feel guilty. I want to be one of the small percentage of people who have actually ran a Marathon. To do that, I have to run. So on Tuesday the 29, I will run a 5K in preparation of doing this impossible feat. (For me, it really is impossible. But you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. So, this 5K is the first bite to the elephant.)

Fifth- Younger Dude just brought home the information on ordering class rings. WHAT?? Why is he ordering a class ring? I thought he just finished kindergarten. But as he reminded me just as quickly, that was 11 years ago. It is un-officially official. We are moving. He will order the ring and we will get the orders to say we are moving and he will have to have it changed. I wonder if International schools have class rings?

Photos to come. Really. When I feel like trying to look for the camera, I will take pictures of something. But for the time being, please enjoy the complementary beverages, sit back and enjoy the show.

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