Monday, February 28, 2011

Another month bites the dust

So here it is the last day of the month and I have yet to make a pair of socks or spin or dye or finish a floor. I have finished one commission piece but have not started the other. Well, that's not entirely true. I have wound the yarn and cast-on, but not much else. 

I have started running. I was challenged to take up the sport with the idea that I would fit in better. You may be asking yourself, "fit in better where?" or you might even been asking, "why would you care about fitting in?" 

Well, I had hoped to never have to utter these words again, but alas it seems to be so. What words would cause me to put down my needles and stop the lovely creation of whirling wheels? How does the three words make such an orderly woman go bazerko? Try uttering "we are moving" and watch the chaos spin out of control. 

Yes, dear friends, we are moving yet again. I've really mixed emotions about the whole ordeal but will manage as I have in the past when presented with yet another change in my plans. I make do and enjoy the ride. As I have recently read, "Military life is tough, but misery is optional." I don't like misery nor any of it's company. So if you would like to see someplace new, come visit me. I will love to have visitors. Just remember to pack your passport, because you won't be getting off the plane in the Netherlands without it. 

Pictures will be soon with more finished items. The dust literally needs to settle before I block the shawls. The floor is almost done but I still need to sand the baseboards. I'm thinking I've had enough & am ready to call someone to finish it. Too much other junk to get done to continue dorking with something I won't get to enjoy.

Here's to another month gone and a new one to mess up.

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