Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Ramblings

So it seems that my oldest child thinks that I knit too much. How can one even think that?
I knit only half the amount of time I think I should knit and just a fraction of the amount of time that I really do knit. 

I have been to only one knitting store so far this week. It is my favorite LYS. The owner is fabulous and so incredibly friendly. I scored one of the most lovely yarns I have purchased in a long time. Malibrigo. 

 Malibrigo is this kettle dyed hand spun wool that takes on the color so incredibly vivid your eyes just pop. My picture here is not doing the yarn justice. I had heard from several bloggers and fellow ravelriers that they felt this was very luxurious so of course I had to find out for myself. My LYS had just received a new shipment of it in and I couldn't resist. I purchased 8 skeins at a rock bottom price of $8 a skein. I felt justified (oh- can I rationalize just about anything when it comes to yarn.) that since others were paying so much more, I could afford to do a sweater in this. So I have now located the perfect pattern for the yarn and tonight with wind this up. I am looking very forward to it. 

Though I have one skein left to knit on this feather and fan shawl. I was hoping to already be done with it. I have a schedule that I am trying to meet. No specific reason other than to keep me motivate. It is just about the time that I sit on the couch and do nothing for a month because the holiday came and kicked my bum. But I am trying to be different this year and do three projects a month. Thereby also forcing me to finish all my WIP (works- in- progress) and free up all my needles. I have four that are in desperate need of finishing. 

The Lacey shawl, the one using the feather and fan, uses the Euroflax from Louet. 

This yarn is not so bad if it wasn't for the two knots in the middle of the skein. It was very frustrating to have to tink two rows to reattach, then only to have those two done and find another knot. AAARGH! I hate weaving in the ends to a pattern like this. But I am past that and now officially over half way done. I am afraid it may not be as long as I am hoping. I have already modified the pattern so the repeats were not as wide. I had only two skeins instead of the three. I may have to do some begging on ravelry to see if anyone has some to part with. The worst is trying to match dye lots. Hopefully, someone out there will be very compassionate and help a fellow obsessed knitter out. But isn't that always the luck. 

That is the listing for two of the projects on the burner for now. Though it isn't even touching my scrapbooking projects. AAh- that would require a whole other blog. 

Knit well, knit long, knit happy. bye for now.

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