Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time flies when you're in the middle of a project

So I thought I would try and blog at least once a week. How hard could that be? There are some I have looked at only to find they are blogging once, twice, yes- even three times a day.... where do they find the time?

I thought I had it made this weekend. All this knitting time to myself, I envisioned I would get so much accomplished. Well, as you can guess by the tone of this writing, it didn't happen. Not by a long shot. I spent the entire weekend driving around the oldest to all of his activities. And by activities, I really mean, his hobbies. Three boys, I somehow drew the short stick, drug me to a Magic card convention. Not just a couple of hours in and look around, no, twelve stinking hours. Yes, that is right. 12. One- two. Doce. Zwelf. 2 hours past 10 hours. 12 long and tedious hours of listening to them talk about how that card is better than the other, blah blah blah blah blah. Not counting the hour it took to drive to the place and the hour it took for us to drive home. By the second day, I declared a magic free zone 12 feet around me. 

The only plus was that I ran away for an hour and a half to pop into a fabulous knitting store close by. And it was so worth it. I really like this little shop. It is quaint with an airy of cozy. Plenty of comfortable sitting spots. Lots of beautiful fibers to look at. Walls covered with displays of pre-made samples to jump start the creativity. And they are nice to boot. What more could a knitter ask for. The couple of times I have managed to drop in, I am greeted very quickly and can talk shop with anyone in there. I have even been able to contribute to the knowledge base without feeling like I am interfering. And a Bonus- great selection of sock yarn. 

I managed to snag another of this fabulous yarn, Misit Alpaca Worsted Weight 4-ply. Beautiful colors. The pinks and browns look fabulous.  Though I thought with it being 100 grams I could get a full pair from it, a good friend has already knit hers up and only managed one sock from the 
 one skein. So with that in mind, I have put into play two options. The first is that I purchased a second skein with the idea if I ran out than I already had one just in case. (No need to tempt the knitting fates with my stupidity.) The second option is that I purchase some fabulous baby cashmerino from Debbie Bliss line in a gorgeous dark chocolate to knit up the heels and toes. Either way, it is a win-win situation. IF I don't need the second skein, I can make a second pair of socks to give as a gift using the excess from the brown toe/heel skein to repeat. (Or keep them for myself. I never said I wasn't a selfish knitter.)

 Or the loverly store said as long as I don't wind it, I could return the second skein. (Like that would really happen. HA!) I would be able to trade it or best yet, just keep it. I do love my pretty colors....

Happy Knitting. 

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Jean said...

Hey Jennifer! Thanks to you, I have just read my first blog
! I love the idea of the chocolate heels for your pink socks...you are so good with color! Good karma to you for enduring the magic show!