Saturday, August 25, 2012

Is it that time already?

New beginnings are so exciting yet so deflating at the same time. The excitement of what is to come overshadows the feelings of loss as the realization this is the last time this will be his first day of school but the emotion still simmers under the buzz. My oldest is a senior. This past month he signed a contract to enlist in the Air Force. He has already decided his destiny and is no longer dependent on my thoughts and opinions. Who would have ever 18 years ago looked at the two of us and thought we would be at this point? Both still alive and both still sane and both liking each others company.

When my youngest child was born, I immediately took on the attitude of what if this is the last time she wants me to hold her hand? What if this is the last time she wants me to read her a bed time story? So each day was to the fullest experienced together with no regrets. Unfortunately, not so with my oldest. I was too young to be his mum. He too strong willed for me to enjoy. Yet, I look at him now and am so impressed with who he has grown to be. I dare not speak of word of that to him, though. It would only inflate his already fragile ego and embarrass  him completely. Hmm- maybe I should save it to the most opportune time.

School has began again for us here in Never-Neverland. Another year to push, pull, and stretch each other to what we think is our breaking point only to come to the final conclusion we weren't so inflexible as we originally thought. A good pruning always proceeds the best crop. So we begin with sharpening our scissors.

On that happy note, my scissors were in use recently. I finished the Camp Loopy Project 3 just in time. Originally, I tried to complete it in conjunction with the Ravely games that coincided with the famous ones held in London this year, but a quick holiday to Paris, France derailed that idea completely. We remained so busy that week in Paris that I did absolutely no knitting. And I was completely okay with that. Again, I regress, but more on that trip in a moment.

Pattern: Helm's Deep. It is definitely an intermediate to advanced. I would NOT give it a beginner or advanced beginner rating. The chart was a bit complicated with too many different symbols. A bit confusing really. Very technical in understanding and I believe I may have misunderstood one section, but was determined to complete the project so barreled ahead at what I did understand. It still came out lovely and has finished drying. Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Sock. 3 different colorways: Antique Lace, Stovepipe and Copper Penny. The pattern called for 2 skeins of Copper Penny but I finished with only 1 and still had a bit left over. (Hence my thought I might have done something wrong) Otherwise, the finished product is quite lovely. Now on to the rest of the series in this collection, all inspired from the books of Lord of the Rings. For your viewing pleasure, I give you Helm's Deep.

Now, a bit about our latest excursions. Middle child, oldest daughter celebrated a birthday this month. She turned 13. The problem with her birthday is that many of her friends are on vacation or we move or have just moved and therefore doesn't know anyone. So many of her past birthdays have been "Oops, is it really your birthday already?" statements. This year, we didn't move, we aren't getting ready to move, and it was a special one. Officially, she is a teenager. UGH! She's too young to be one. What do we do to make it special? We went to Paris.

Really, what 'normal' American young girl can say, "For my 13th birthday, I went to Paris." We live in Europe. Why not? So we did. And a BLAST was had by all. (Except maybe Dad.) Originally, it was to be a girls only trip, but Dude got nervous. (Not sure if he was nervous about us going by ourselves or going by ourselves made him nervous or going by ourselves and showing no restraint in shopping, eating, and sightseeing made him nervous.) All in all, he asked if he could come and be our bodygaurd/luggage carrier/bag holder/ ATM. So I took the decision to the council and council agreed as long as he understood his place in going. Chiefly- ATM/bag holder/crepe securer. He agreed to those conditions. WOW! What a trip. Beautiful weather. Perfect position of flat. Great time was had by EVERYONE! So without further adieu, here for your viewing pleasure is Paris.

So on this final note, happy knitting and just a friendly reminder only 121 more days until Christmas. Have you started your holiday knitting yet? hee hee hee.

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