Friday, July 27, 2012

Trying to slow down?

Summer Vacation is half way over and I don't think where I currently live has felt like summer for the most of it. Only the last couple of days has it been truly warm enough to feel like I was missing my air conditioning.

Though to continue with my being gone stint, I was only home the month of June for 6 days, the first six of the month. Otherwise, I was in the states visiting people. Quite a few people. It was great to see old friends, make a couple of new ones, get some wonderful spinning lessons in, design some flowers for a friend's wedding, meet my newest family member, and hug my folks. It has been a year since I saw them (unless you count Skype or FaceTime- which I don't.) But the whole time I was there, it was MUY CALIENTE!!! HOT! HOT! HOT!! So hot, that when I returned here, I had to wear my Smartwool to stay warm for the first week as the high never got above 64. My family thought I had really lost it and wondered if they were ever going to get me out of the house. It didn't help that it rained for the next two weeks solid. But luckily, it is very nice out now. So why am I inside updating this blog? Because I have some finished projects that need to be shown off and I am excited to document them.

First up is Meg's Troussau. I don't think she remembered choosing the pattern when she was visiting me one weekend in Virginia. The latest knitting magazine had just come out and she was procrastinating finishing up a project herself and found it. I knew it needed to be done for a special occasion and wanted to make it just right for her. So it seemed only appropriate to knit it for her as a wedding gift. I chose her favorite color and found a shirt she liked that fit great on her while she was visiting me here. Went back to the store and took the measurements so I could get it right without her knowing it. Though I never did get a photo of her wearing it. Not sure if she even liked it, but it was done with complete love and that is what matters.

Just so her new husband would not feel left out. I knit him a pair of socks as a gift. Being that he is German and has immigrated to the states for this marriage, I found some German flag yarn and made them matchy matchy so he wouldn't feel too out of place, but he is such the type of guy that would wear something like this no matter what. Regardless what others think. So when he is homesick or watching an European Football Match, he can wear them to show his pride. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of him with them on either.

On to what I do have photos of: Meliai. It was a nice shawl knit using a worsted weight yarn. I used Dream in Color Classy for it. Great knit. Great pattern. Great yarn. I chose this pattern to complete a challenge for the on-line yarn store The Loopy Ewe. They have a summer knit-a-long they call 'Camp Loopy' but everyone choses what pattern and what yarn to use. So it is the best of both worlds. I completed it.

The second project for this virtual camp was a bit more tricky. More yarn to be used. I fell in love with this pattern the moment it was published. Though, the designer is WAY smaller than me so I needed to increase it quite a bit to get the fit that I enjoy. That made the pattern go on FOREVER! It took me up to the last moment to get it completed in time. The good news- K2 really likes it, but she is a HUGE Dr. Who fan from the BBC as well so it might be enjoyed by her more than I. I used Lorna's Laces new yarn line called Solemate to create this shawl. Supposedly, when you are hot, it will cool you down, but if you are cold, it will keep you warm. Go figure?!? I only know that whichever fiber they used to blend with the wool, does NOT keep its color. This has bled like a over-stuffed stuck pig. My sink is now a lovely shade of blue blush....

I never did show you any photos of what my darling daughters made for me for my birthday. A sheep out of cardboard and paper. The oldest one designed it and the youngest was a great assistant retrieving more boxes, paper, and tape. Overall - keeping me from entering the room while they were busy butterflies. They did a terrific job and I was incredibly touched by their thoughtfulness. I don't have the heart to throw it away but each time someone walks into the room, they mistake it for a dog. ha ha ha.

One last item of note, while I was gone in June, my oldest went to his first prom. The young lady that he took was a friend that he met while on a school trip. They have quite a bit in common and, yes, they really are just friends. I think they looked great together (again knowing they are just friends.) The good/bad news - I did like her and she moved back to Canada this summer.

I've done so much traveling since the beginning of May: Turkey, Idskenhuizen, Ramstein AB, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Alabama, Back to Europe, Ulm, and we have even more planned before school starts again in August. One day, I will post some of the pictures so you too can see.

Until then, keep cool, keep sane, and keep knitting.

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