Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Being Weird

I have a problem. A serious problem. I have too much yarn. Seriously.

"WHAT?" you say. "That is impossible! There is never 'enough' yarn. Sock yarn doesn't count as stash."

You are right. Sock yarn shouldn't count as stash as it is really just socks waiting to be able to be worn. But in all reality, I have too much. This is how I know that I have too much.

My wonderful and eternally patient husband, Dude, was asked to retrieve a pair of socks for me to wear as we were headed out the door. When he grabbed a pair, I replied that those were not the ones as they would look horrible with the trousers I was wearing. So instead of getting another pair, he goes into the 'craft' room (which is probably why I got the response I did) and pulls out a skein of yarn and brings it to me asking "Well, I am sure this will go with it," while wearing the snarkiest smirk you have ever seen. He was implying that if it doesn't count as stash, than it should already be wearable. This motivated me to actually sort and re-shift some yarns around to better store them. (Yes, you are free to really read that as better hide them in their baskets so he cannot really know how much is in there.)(It really is my fault for not cleaning up after myself and putting away what I got out so he didn't see it.)

Which is what led me to take an inventory of what I really do have. And it is quite shameful. I am a yarn snob. I am not afraid to admit it. I despise acrylics and refuse to knit with them. Don't start lecturing me. This is my blog. My opinion. My time. My craft. My enjoyment. I, me, no one, gets to tell me what I knit with. I like to put in my hands something that will last a lifetime, not eternity in a landfill.

I calculated that I had (in just sock yarn alone) over 300 pairs waiting to be knit up. That is not including the yarn already on needles (I confess that is 3), the yarn waiting to be made into a pair (as one was already finished but the second sock hadn't even been cast on) (I will be happy to admit that the number is limited to counting on just my hands), or the yarn that has been placed in the self-imposed sock club packaging waiting to be started (I refuse to comment on that number at the current time). NO, this is sock yarn just marinating in the stash waiting to be fondled, loved, and ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over. NOT even CLOSE to being considered into socks at any time within the present.

And this isn't even going into the other weights of yarn that can be found within my collection. I.E.: lace, sport, worsted, bulky, or fiber to spin. No this was just dealing with the sock yarn fingering collection. Truly.

When I talked to the girls about it, they just said, "Yeah, we see it and we just think your weird." Huh?

"Well, you will spend hours in here looking, petting, feeling it, but you never actually do anything with it." Oh- I see. (Not really but trying to draw out logic in an 8 year old is a bit difficult even when operating under full protein/full caffeine.)

So, I guess it is just more obvious to others than it is to me.

Hello- My name is Jennifer. I am weird.

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Betsy said...

Can I join your "weird" club? I have enough sock yarn for at least 150 pairs of socks and continue to add to that amount. Sock yarn is a majority of my stash.