Friday, January 14, 2011

Keeping up...

From now on you will always see less of me. For it has been one full week since my gallbladder was completely removed. The surgery went well and I have been an ideal patient. I have yet to drive. I have rested up. I have not had fatty foods. Okay- now kick me, because I am going stinkin' stir crazy!!

In honesty, though, it really has been quite nice and I don't recommend scheduling to have your gallbladder removed just to get a vacation. A vacation I have NOT had since being home bound. But I have been very busy with my knitting, card writing, reading, and television watching. (I forgot how much I do so enjoy Jane Austen. Since I have been incapacitated I have re-read three of her novels: Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, and currently in Emma.)

My knitting is coming along very nicely as I have completed already one pair of socks, a block on a friendship scarf that was given to me back in June (Yikes, I am starting to question my ability to fulfill friendship obligations! It was Littlest Miss who found it still in my stash and reminded me with quite the scold, "Weren't you given this back in June?" as she was with me the day it was handed over), a bicycle helmet ear muff, and two miniature socks to dress the peacock.

As per my normal operating procedure, photos of the newest finished items are yet to be uploaded, but I do have some of the previous year's finished items that I have not posted before. And one item, that has now become very clear, is safe to post as it was not chosen for the layout. Without further adieu, I give you:

Grinchy Grinch Socks:
These were a *^%$# to knit. The 'Whisper' yarn used kept getting snagged. The pattern wasn't the clearest (Very Likely User Error- I am admit that upfront) but it should have made a note that if they want you to change needle sizes for one thing, make a note to change back the needle size for further knitting. (Which can you tell they didn't and so the first sock is a BUGGER to get on and off. No you can't just cut it and make it wider. No you can't just add more yarn. No I don't want to rip it back for the upteenth time, as I have already done because the silly toe wouldn't turn out as nice as the picture in the pattern. I'm done. The socks are done. I look like I have temporally obtained the Grinch's legs and feet. How obscenely cute! Really. Done. Now.

The Saroyan Scarf:
I first came across this from a Ravelry friend who is a newer knitter. She fell in love with the pattern because it was her first time knitting a scarf/shawl that wasn't all garter. She had no mistakes and could easily understand it. And I loved her end product.

The problem with any pattern is utilizing the right yarn to show off your workmanship. The yarn I used for this is what most knitters would call 'souvenir stash'. It was a souvenir of when Dude was deploying. He received a three day pass that in reality was too short to come home but too long just to sit around dwelling on what might occur. So, I drove from Southern VA to Fort Dix in New Jersey (a 10 hour drive) to pick him up, bring him back, spend 36 hours with him at home, to turn around and drive him back up there to deploy to Iraq. Since he wasn't allowed to leave till high noon, I had a couple of hours to kill in the morning. What does any good knitter do? Find the Local Yarn Stores. And I did. Woolbearer's was a fantastic little shop. Lots to offer. Highly recommend it.
But of all things to see in there, was a line of exclusive hand-dyed offerings, the shop do it themselves. The one colorway that I could not walk out of there without? 'Don't Leave'.

'Don't Leave' as a colorway has so much depth to it, it is hard to explain. It was dark. It was moody. But looking closely, you could see bright spots. Glimmers of hope. It was perfect for how I was completely feeling. Just looking at the colorway now brings back every single emotion. How can a skein of yarn move a person like that? I think it no longer becomes yarn, but art. When one thing can extract so much from a person, it is not just string, but an extension of who you are.

My dream is one day when once the kids have gone their own directions to be able to really put forth most of my energies into becoming a known designer/dyer. My goal would be for people to see my creations not just as yarn, but as individual pieces of art. Be moved in ways that the fore-mentioned yarn moved me.

To start off this new year, I made a couple of goals for each month. The first was to spin an hour (at minimum) each week. Back in June when Dude went on a 5 week TDY to Dayton, the last week he was there the kids and I joined him. While there, I was tempted, offered, and given a lesson on a beautiful spinning wheel. I thought I would just think on it, but my appetite was so tempted that I purchased it outright. So the Ashford Joy came home with us and has been whirling up a good time since. Though she hasn't been plying that nicely lately. (hee hee hee- I love it when I can have puns without trying...)

The second goal was to knock a pair of socks out each month and not just my usual straight stitch leg for myself. (Yes, I have had this goal before). (Yes, stop buying more sock yarn.) And (Yes, I can hear you say it already, I have created my own 'sock club' and put yarn with pattern in their own ziplocks ready to go. The problem is I have four years worth of sock club participations and still have more sock yarn than I know what to do with.) Do I even mention the dreaded word? The word that starts with a "REE" and ends with a "DOOSE"? I guess I could. Or I could not sign up for any sock clubs this year. That is where I am thinking of going. The 'isolation island' as I am calling it. No joining any more sock clubs till I have knit up a years worth. (Immediately defining a year's worth as = one pair a month for myself.) If I give a pair away, which might be a good thing, I need to do another within that month.

So with those lofty of ideas and the need for reducing not just me but my S.A.B.L.E., I ask you, gentle reader, what were some of your crafting goals for the year? Let me know and I might send you a pressie in the mail....

p.s. next post will have photos of socks, dresses, and helmet muffs.

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