Monday, January 24, 2011

Bicycle Muffs and other assorted ideas

I promised I was going to post pictures of socks, dresses, and helmet muffs in this post so here they are.

The socks were knit with Knitterly Things Vesper Falling Water yarn. This was a unique yarn as I learned of it when I attended Spring Fling in 2010. It is held in St. Louis by a fantastic yarn shop, The Loopy Ewe. (Yes, that is their link to the right of this. I have it as I found out that if you, dear reader, click on it and make a purchase, than I receive a 'referral credit'. And who doesn't want free credit to buy more yarn?) Well, back to the story. My folks moved back to Missouri (pronounced Miz-zerr-ree) when we moved here. But back in August of 2009, my mother called the day Dude had 'boots on ground' in Iraq to inform me they discovered an aggressive form of breast cancer. There was to be NO WAY that she would be able to come and visit or assist in any manner while he was gone. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to go and visit her and 'double dip' the trip with a vacation (A YARN vacation) I was all for it. Not too mention, it got me out of having to go back to there (see earlier pronunciation to understand) any time else. I went to check on her, but then got to have a FANTASTIC time as well. But onto the whole reason for the yarn...

While there, I was admiring a lovely pair of socks another knitter was working on. I asked if I could fondle the yarn, she agreed and handed it to me with the needles still in the project. As I was handing it back it began to fall so I grabbed for it. When I did, two of the needles went through my hand. Yes, you heard me correctly. Through my hand. In through the palm, out through the back. And no it wasn't just a good poke, it was the full tip (which is a different color than the shaft) was clearly visible on the back side of my hand. Yes, they were Signature Needles. (Now you know why I will NEVER own a pair.) Yes, they were the stiletto points. Size 2 I believe as they were green. Takes the phrase "Sharing Needles" to a whole new level.

I was appalled that I might have gotten blood on her sock yarn. She was so apologetic to have had it happen with her needles. But, alas, we have become good acquaintances in spite of it. After the Fling was over, a couple of weeks later, I received in the mail a skein of my own of that very color way from her. I have treasured it all the more. So it seemed only fitting to knit a pair of socks up for a friend who I have not yet gifted a hand knit project to. She asked for stripes so stripes is what she got. She does enjoy fondling them. Only I made sure there were no needles in them when I sent them to her to have a repeat occurrence.

The dress was knit for the Littlest Miss. She chose the pattern. She choose the yarn. And she promptly out grew the finished item four months after I finished it. ARGH!! I thought I had left lots of growth room, but obviously not. It is now being happily worn by a younger cousin's daughter who is just as girly as my Littlest Miss.

On to the Bicycle Muffs.
Since I tend to be a bit long winded, I will refrain from mentioning how happy I am to be completely done with this particular pattern. Knitting 4 of them in four days is a bit monotonous!! But I finished what was suppose to be mine, only to be confiscated by Dude because it felt so soft and looked "much better with my helmet than yours" comment. Then digging for yarn to begin mine. Again. Little Miss sees her father dorking with his bike helmet and ask, "Ooo- are you going for a bike ride? I want to come. I want to ride my bicycle."

There begins the singing. The song that never quite leaves your head when someone starts it. And the nagging that goes with it. 'Why can't I
ride my bike? When will you take me on a bike ride? How come I don't get a bike helmet liner? You never make me anything..." And on and on and on and on....
So, where does that leave me? Telling her to choose her color. Then asking the Littlest Miss what color she wants. It was probably best to do theirs before doing mine as I worked out silly little kinks that make mine all the better.

And THANKFULLY, Younger Dude doesn't want one.

Next post will have some updates on the spinning wheel and spinning class that I participated in with owner of Scarlett Fleece. I should also have some photos to share of handspun yarn and a shawl I am working on for a friend.

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