Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just an update

This is the first morning in WAY TOO LONG that I have had absolutely nothing to do. No where to go. No one to shuttle. And what am I doing? Updating the blog. I do hope you enjoy this photo as much as I do.

I have my knitting mojo back. I am sure it helped being the recipient of an additional 5 inches of snow. Yes, I know it is not as bad as the rest of the nation. But may I remind you, this portion of the state is NOT equipped for such occurrences. My local county has ONE snow truck to the entire county. And more often than not, it gets loaned out to the surrounding counties as well.

With such wonderful, hunker down type weather, I cranked out two scarves, one pair of fingerless mitts, and one pair of felted clogs. (unfelted for the photo. Felting is a very personal step. You really do need the feet there for great sizing. So, I am gifting them unfelted and will assist when they are ready.) Once you see them, or once they see them, they will know immediately who they are for. Hee hee hee.

I tried to locate the two scarves, but I have a feeling that they may be found wrapped around two little heads that are on their way to school. They two little heads were quite ecstatic to be the privileged to wear such a beautiful and wonderful creation. They also pinky promised not to loose or tear them. I will try to obtain pictures within the next couple of days of such little heads happy in wearing them to post at a later date.

And as an update that I spoke of earlier, and mostly because I realized that I had not shared these yet, the finished Belletrix socks. This was the only pair of socks that were completed for me during the deployment.
Luckily, they were finished (by the skin of my teeth) in time to wear for Halloween. The only problem with finishing them was that I wanted to wear them. This past Halloween gave us 85 degree weather. It was the FIRST time in my ENTIRE life, I wore flip flops, a tank top, and shorts out trick or treating. The kids had to stop at a neighbor's house and ask for water it was SO hot. I still get a chuckle out of that. (It sure beats having to wear a sweatsuit under your costume and a heavy winter coat over your costume so that by the time you actually went out to collect candy, you couldn't see the costume.)

Enough updating for the moment. Off to knit some on a sock. I am gearing up for the Olympics to begin on Friday. I have challenged myself, as the Olympic athletes do, to start and complete an adult sweater within the timeframe the Olympics will be broadcast on television.

Who's going to join me? What can you challenge yourself to do?

Happy Knitting.

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