Saturday, January 30, 2010

Psst! It's a secret...Don't tell...ANYONE!

Since my children don't read this, I can post this here. But I am keeping it a surprise for them since so much of the last 8 months has been flying by the seat of our trousers. WH (Wonderful Husband), or Dude, for those that know him, will be arriving stateside on Friday.

That means he is officially 1 week out. Once he hits stateside, it will take another day for him to actually get home, but it is just one more day.

It is that actual day that brings so much consternation. The day is already JAM PACKED!! (Here's to praying that he would have been home on Thursday to help with the 'jam packed day', but oh well!) Beginning at 8 am with one activity for one child, a second activity involving child number 1 and 3 that will last most of the day with games, cakes, pizza and a ton of kids running and screaming everywhere, and the child #2 activity should be ending around 4 pm. All that said, I am not running them anywhere. Luckily, a wonderful family friend is going to play bus driver, shuttling them to and fro and overseeing the events. Where will I be? I am telling the kids I have to work. And then I will promptly drive myself to the airport to wait for WH to arrive.

But just so I stay on topic of this being a knitting blog, here are some pictures that I promised you a couple of days ago.

This is a picture of the "Just Enough Ruffles Scarf". Can I say 'incredibly easy and fast'? I LOVED doing this. Just mindless knitting for the most part. What I liked even more? The one page pattern. I hate having to keep track of more than one page to do a scarf. Everything can be just folded up to tuck in the project bag. Looking at it just to make sure I know where I am headed in the next row.
(The model is super cute as well. But don't tell her I said that.)

The next is one I saw at a LYS and FELL IN LOVE with it. They didn't have the book in stock, so I kinda went from memory until I could get home and purchase the book from my LYS. It is suppose to be one of four to create a shawl. Well, I am not that creepy to wear a 'Sheep Shawl' regardless of how much I like sheep. So instead, I have a scarf. I also have plans to create a couple of other animals from this concept to give as gifties when I head off to a vacation in April. Since I don't know if they will be peeking, in May all will be revealed.

This next one is the Chenille Scarf that was knit for Mum. Since loosing her hair, she wanted a hat that she saw in a magazine, but too cheap to spend the $20 on a hat, she calls me to have me make her one. Why don't people realize that if you include the cost of the yarn, labor, and supplies that go in to obtaining said yarn, time to locate said yarn, and time invested in using said yarn, $20 is NOTHING to compare? I made her the hat. I sent her that hat. She didn't like the hat. So when I went to visit at Christmas, I frogged the hat and knit up a skull hat. She then proceeds to ask where the matching scarf is.

Right here.
And now there is NO MORE YARN!! I can't knit you anything else.

And just because it is SO RARE in these parts, I will leave you to a sight to be hold.
This was taken at 8 am today and it has still not let up. Can you say 'Pajama Day'?


Back to bed to climb under the covers, watch cartoons with the kids, maybe play some Wii, and knit to my hearts content. What a perfect day!

Happy Knitting.

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