Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And so it begins again

Hello fellow Bloggers. Happy New Year! I trust the holidays were for you as wonderful as they were for me. This was the first time in a long time that I came away refreshed and excited to begin the new year. The opportunities that await me are astounding. But first a recap of what was accomplished in the last couple of weeks of the prior year. 
Two more hanks of yarn hand-dyed to give to fellow knitters. 

A pair of shoes for Pop

A lap blanket for Grandmum

A Girly Scarf for Sassy (a very belated Birthday present. So sorry!!)

A Spa set for our Pseudo-Grandmum (okay, so I forgot to take a picture of this set. I will try and get one and update it later. Boogar!)

A Ribbed Scarf for a favorite Uncle (the mittens were scrapped and supplemented with this)

And An Office Party. Here is Dude with his greencrown on. Isn't he handsome? Then myself with our Pseudo-Grandmum, and last but not least Tyler. He's so cute! (In a younger brother sorta way. Great guy. If only I could hold him for one of my daughters.....) 

So as you can see alot happened in two weeks. This isn't even posting anything on the in-law visit. They came for four days. It was truly a wonderful weekend. 

Just as every other person will do with the New Year, resolutions have been made. I don't really want to call them resolutions, more like goals. My goal this year is to finish what I have started. This means, at least for me, no more WIPs just hanging around. I am not going to start any new projects until I have finished the ones that were started in 08. Luckily, there are just a couple left. 

The Green Cardigan. (Really that was started in 2006 but hey, who's counting? That really should mean that it is started this year because it was hibernating so long that I need to start it over and with all the ripping that I need to do it really will be so..... I don't think I am going to count this as a WIP that NEEDS to get done. Yep, I am not. Good thinking.)

The Noro Daria Market Bag. This has just become a PITA. I am almost done save for the bind off. I have never been good at trying to connect the dots and this is going to be the bane of my existence.  I have tried to connect the handles and edge to make it all one piece without having to weave in a bunch of different ends. This yarn is not that conducive to weaving in the ends. We shall see. (Though it is starting to become a bit more obvious that a new camera will be needed soon. YIKES!)

My Hemlock. The only thing that is holding this up is the need to wind more yarn. I have the yarn, I just need to wind it. Best get to it. 

Socks. This really doesn't count. 'nough said.

So those are my goals. I have a BUNCH of yarn just screaming my name to come and play with it. I lye awake at night listening to it call to me like a siren in the sea. Resistance is futile. 

Another goal is to post a couple of times a month. Here's trying. 

Happy Knitting. 


Lewis Family said...

Oh, it's purple! You know how I love purple. Thanks so much!! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

All the stuff looks totally gorgeous, but I love the dyeing the MOST! I'm super impressed! You wanted to get into it, and you did! So awesome. I'm way jealous.

Hope everything is still going well and that you're still feeling inspired!

All the best!