Monday, March 23, 2009

A quick note before the storm

I realize that it has only been a week and a bit since my last post, but I am officially on the down hill slide to Sock Camp. I haven't started packing. I haven't done the homework (other than half of my swatches, buy hey, how hard is it to knit up a 10 stitch swatch 1 inch long? I think I can manage those waiting to deplane at each transfer.) I haven't located a camera yet. I have checked a couple of stores to grab another point and shoot, but really, am I saving time or money checking four different stores?

Dude is off again. This time I really think he has left the planet. He procrastinated, again, and didn't pack until 'the last minute of the night before' only to be so tired that he failed to realize that the alarm was set for 4:30 pm instead of am. Yes, you guessed it. He missed his flight. I woke at my normal time of quarter of six only to see him still here for a 6:20 flight. HA!

At least he managed to book another flight. The next problem, he failed to check which airport he was leaving from. So, we deposit him at one airport 45 minutes before the flight only to get a phone call from him asking for a ride to a neighboring airport, 35 minutes away. How we managed to get there without a speeding ticket is beyond me? Even more past my imagination, how he managed to talk them into letting him on the plane. Hopefully, the attempts to get there is more exciting than the week itself.

The good news for me, it means more un-interrupted knitting time at night. As I don't watch television much so I can knit happily away when I am not refereeing. (7:30 comes awful early on those nights.)

I have finished one sock of the January installment of Rockin' Sock Club. The beading on the sock is fantastic and is quite comfortable to wear. I have surrendered to the goal of trying to knit a pair of socks a month as this month it will not occur. Too many distractions produced themselves to remind me that I do know where my eldest received the ADD tendencies from.

The Virginia Shawl has been edged and blocked. I really enjoy wearing it. The weather has accommodated me quite nicely with just enough of a chill to make showing it off a pleasure.

I have been busily trying to knit up a small bag for a swap that I have participated in. I would love to show off a picture but alas, still no camera. (Though I do hope to amend that situation this evening.) I will post it once I put the package in the mail. I can then add it to my completed items. I don't believe the person I am spoiling reads this spot, but on the off chance she does, dear readers, you will just have to wait.

I am itching to cast-on a new project. I am debating to try a child's garment or a gift for a relative. I view the calendar with much trepidation. Is there enough time to attempt the gift and be able to present it by the goal or admit that more often than not, I am as unrealistic with time constraints as a pig will one day sprout wings and fly. Otherwise, I should just knit up a couple of more cupcakes to have on hand. Well, in actuality, I probably owe a couple of people one.... oh the self placed guilt, does a person good. HA!

Enough ramblings for today. Off to shop for a camera and then a bit of knitting.


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