Sunday, September 21, 2008

6 months

When I started this blog it was the intention of talking about knitting, my obsession with fiber, my creativity with yarn, my love of color. I have found more often than not, this becomes a place for me to say what I have a hard time saying to those around me but find that putting it on paper (or pseudo-paper), somehow, though I am not sure why, makes it easier. 

I have been here now for 6 months. How do I know? The 
post office reminded me. I received this past week the notice that my box payment is due. It ran for 6 months. That realization would explain a lot of little things. The phone calls that don't come, the lack of email or postings from friends on Ravelry, the forward moving of life. (It is very difficult for people who are stationary, or haven't experienced a move, to completely understand. And I mean a move that is more than 25 miles away. Anything less and it isn't really a move. It is still not 'out of your way'. Once that *insert whatever that magic number may be here* distance has been obtained, it becomes clear who really is important in your life.)

But returning to that discussion, the forward moving of life, reminds me to when my oldest was  a wee one. It was difficult for him to understand when we first let him begin to watch live television how it was not at the same place when he turned it back on. See, we didn't let him watch live tellie until he was about 4, just pre-recorded movies. Mostly, so we didn't have to deal with the "can I have, can I have, can I haves?" that were prompted during the commercials. But, we would turn it off, go out to play, eat dinner, have a nap, and then when it was time to turn it back on, there it was. Picking up where he left off. Magic. 

It is the same with moving. You leave the place and everyone stays the same. In your mind. In your heart. And it is the same for 
them. They think of you as the last time they saw you, interacted with you, hung out with you. But it is not reality. Unfortunately, time stops for no one. 

So now that I have you completely depressed, go call that friend you haven't heard from in a couple of weeks, or worse a couple of months. WRITE A CARD! It would be more treasured than you can imagine. Especially, when they find it tucked in between the bills. Don't wait. Remember, time stands still for no one.  

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Lewis Family said...

Is that really the best picture you could find of me? I sure miss you here. Life is never dull, but I don't have you here to talk it out with. I will talk to you soon!