Thursday, July 31, 2008

Too Long Gone

The HSKS 5 is officially done. Here is a picture of all the FANTASTIC things that I received.

Receiving them means I can now return to blogging here. Though near the end it was a bit difficult. I gave myself a knitting injury. As several compatriots asked, "Did the Doctor know how you got this?" I would look at them and assure them that he did not. And I wasn't about to tell him either. 

So, let me catch you up. We are officially in our current home. It is a rental. NO WAY would I buy it. I LOVE the location in regards to the kids, but it is TOO far from my current obsession, YARN. The yarn stores are across the Bay Tunnel. That guarantees at least an hour's drive to get there. If I am lucky. And no accidents. But the house is great for the moment because it is letting us see where we do want to live and the YMCA and library are at the end of our cul-de-sac. That means we do alot of walking to get there. Unless it is raining. 

The kids have been enjoying themselves. Two have made friends. I am sure the third is pretty close behind. Once she is in school, than I am positive there will be playdates to quickly follow. They are all anticipating the start of school again. I am sure for reasons that are not the same as mine. 

But, you really want to know about me and you want photos. So here goes. I got a job. Yep, I did it. As one of the ladies at Hubby's office said, "That's like hiring an addict to work at the pharmacy. NOT GOOD!" Oh YEAH! BABY!! I am in the PHARMACY NOW!!!

 Here is a picture of my boss. 

I really like it there so far. Though it has only been two days. The scheduling is perfect. I will be working only two days a week. Once the kiddos are in school, it will be the best because I can put them on the bus, head to work, and the bus will drop them off in our driveway with Daddy less than 5 minutes away. (Really it means I don't have to cook dinner two night a week. That ROCKS!!)

Projects, what have I been doing? I have knitted up a Pink Pig

a Pot- Belly Pig (no photo of her yet) (though both still need to be felted),

 a Biased Shawl,

 three cupcakes (painfully obvious that I need to take more photos),
 a messenger bag,

three mini-socks(yikes, more photos please), 
three cabled hats (here is one)
one scarf (there are more photos that obviously need to be taken), and finished a pair of socks. 

I have in the works: a throw, (really this is more of a teaser photo. I have started it.)
 a many Christmas gifts, but since I am unsure if anyone even reads this I am not posting photos of them here. 

It seems that more and more of my projects are starting to go to the back burner due to needing class samples. Oh, I have been asked to teach some classes. YEAH!  So I will leave you with a picture of where you can find us if not at home.

I will try and update more frequently now. 

Happy Knitting

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Anonymous said...

I'm SO jealous. What an amazing job! And you get to teach as well! I can't wait to hear all the stories that I'm sure will be the result of your time spent there.